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The Hotel

The Pazo Santa Maria hotel was constructed in mid 18th century (1742) for María Micaela de la Rua and Gregorio de Barrio y Figueroa who were the first residents of this important manor house located in Arzúa.

The Pazo Santa Maria complex in Arzúa (A Coruña) comprises of various historical buildings which in themselves amount to a small village. Two distinct types of construction clearly stand out:

The main building, which has two floors. The upper floor originally consisted of bedrooms and living quarters for the owners of the manor house. Today this floor houses the hotel’s bedrooms. The lower floor originally consisted of the kitchen (known as a “lareira” – a fireplace or hearth), stables and barns. The heat generated by the animals constituted a crude form of central heating for the upper chambers. Today this floor has been remodelled into lounges and areas for our guest enjoy together in a peaceful environment.

The History of Pazo Santa Maria

The roof and beams are constructed from original oak and chestnut timbers and relate a picturesque history of the line of nobility of the families Barrio Figueroa and De la Rue. These important Galician families made residence in 1742 of the manor house located in Arzúa, which was know by the Celts of the time as Araduca.

See at first hand how life was in this singular building and the customs associated with each area of the manor house complex.
Pazo Santa Maria was reformed in 2004 and every attention was paid to respect the original structure and conserve it’s cultural and architectural heritage.


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