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standard-title The Trail of St. James The Trail of St. James is a spiritual gift within your reach; rediscover the meaning of friendship and happiness. Here we would like to offer you some simple recommendations to make your pilgrimage an enjoyable experience.

The Trail of St. James

The Trail of St. James is a spiritual gift within your reach; rediscover the meaning of friendship and happiness. Here we would like to offer you some simple recommendations to make your pilgrimage an enjoyable experience.

The Trail of St James

Don’t miss the Trail of St James !!

Since the middle ages, the Trail of St James which leads to the city of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia (Spain) has been considered as one of the principal Cristian pilgrimage routes.

Many are the motivations that lead pilgrims to visit the tomb of St. James, whose remains were allegedly found by a shepherd on the site where the cathedral now stands.

Whatever your personal motivation, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience of companionship, friendship and happiness.
The Trail of St James allows you to disconnect from the every day problems of stressful modern living and relive the values of fellowship after a few days walking with comfortable boots and carrying a backpack as light as possible with:

  • A couple of changes of underwear.
  • Two pairs of comfortable trousers long or short depending on the season of your pilgrimage. (We recommend one pair of waterproof trousers as the weather in the region is changeable).
  • Two shirts. The one that you are wearing and a spare. You can wash a dirty shirt at a fountain on the Trail. At Paso Santa Maria we offer a full express laundry service for our guests.
  • One light but warm jumper (maybe not so light, depending on the season).
  • A waterproof and hooded jacket. In Galicia it rains almost as much as in England.
  • A pair of Flip-Flops with a decent sole; a welcome break from the hiking boots which will allow ankle, heel and instep to relax.
  • A comfortable pair of walking boots or ankle high sports boots, make sure they are broken in if possible to avoid blisters.
  • A small first aid kit comprising of: Aspirin (or similar), plasters, anti blister sticks, an antiseptic lotion, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, gauze and small scissors, as well as a few sachets of Dioralyte (rehydration salts) and a stomach protector in case the local food is too strong. We also recommend to never drink from public fountains.
  • A bar of natural soap. Useful to wash both yourself and an odd piece of clothing if necessary.
  • A small torchlight and a lighter.
  • A Notebook and pen.
  • Camera or mobile phone for taking photos.
  • A drinking canteen, although you will have multiple opportunities to buy a bottle of mineral water along the Trail.
  • Remember that in Spain you are obliged to produce an identification document is asked by the authorities, you should carry your passport at all times. We also recommend that you carry a credit card to cover surprises and sufficient cash to cover your daily needs. The amount will depend on where you plan on eating, sleeping, etc. you can choose from food bought in supermarkets to top notch restaurants. If you do not want to disconnect completely, bring your mobile phone.
  • The Pilgrim’s Passport (Credential) which should be stamped at the parish churches, or official refuges on the Trail. It also gives you access to inexpensive (sometimes free) overnight accommodation. It provides you with a record of where you ate or slept, and serves as proof to the Pilgrim’s Office in Santiago that the journey was accomplished according to an official route, and thus that you qualify to receive a “Compostela” (certificate of completion of the pilgrimage).
  • If you are planning on completing the Northern Route of the Trail, bring a swimming costume if you would like to enjoy the many pretty beaches along the Cantabric coast.
  • If you plan on sleeping in the official refuges, you will also need to bring your personal wash kit. Obviously not required if you stay at the Manor Houses or Hotels.

In Pazo Santa Maria we strongly recommend that you plan you journey on the Trial of St James during the spring or autumn, which is when you will find more agreeable temperatures. In winter it will be cold and wet, and in the summer it can be excessively hot and there is normally an excess of tourists.

There is an increasing number of pilgrims who complete the Trail of St. James every year and various films and documentaries that comment on the experiences and sentiments of those that adventure to walk the Trail.

We recommend:

If you will be travelling with a pet, remember that it is VERY IMPORTANT to carefully prepare your itinerary and previously reserve at every stopping place, since we are few in number the hotels that allow pets to rest with their owners. Without planning, it could arise that you pet will have to sleep outside, which is hardly fair after a hard days walking at your side.”

With these simple recommendations, all that remains to do is some physical preparation for the Trail and mentally prepare yourself walking, laughing, learning and enjoying yourself.


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